Should You Be Setting Up Your Own Farmers Market?

Tips On OpeningĀ  A New Farmers Market

The idea of growing your own produce for sale to the general public is one that appeals to many with an idea that involves the increasingly popular ‘farm to market idea’. However is it something that is so simple that everyone should be getting involved? In fact it all depends on what you want to get out of the experience.


Having your own stall – or starting a farmers market depends to a large extent on doing the same as you would for any business – having a business plan. What sort of buyers are you going to be looking at? Are they day trippers in the market for weekend produce or are they going to be buying on a daily basis?

Are there products that can be sold at market that are different from those that will be sold by the competitors? Is there a market for the particular sorts of goods that are produced in your region. For instance organic cheese – does that sort of produce set you aside from the in the surrounding areas – and how can you market that specific type of produce to the surrounding consumers?

Those consumers are also key to the success of your farmers market. How are you going to reach out to them? Is there a specific marketing method that will allow you to to have that all important USP (Unique Selling Proposition) when it comes to comparing your produce with others? Are you partnering with local producers – are those products organic? In other words – what would set you apart from the competition?

Then there is the idea of consumer selection. There is the idea that your market should be one that specialises in a specific type of produce. That’s great – then you become a farm outlet of choice. Or do you set up your market stall selection as one that offers the widest selection of choice goods – buy spreading your net wide you attract more people – but not as many consumers who have been pre-qualified to buy.

Timing is also extremely important. When will your market stall operation be opening its gates and when will it shut done? In larger urban areas the idea of night markets is rapidly becoming more and more popular – you attract those who have finished their day at work and simply want an experience that allows them to shed the worries of the day.A weekend farm stall experience is more suited to those who want to spend time with their families.

All in all- the key to establishing that perfect market experience that provides the consumer and those who are involved in the selling side of things is to do that all important business plan. It all depends on market segmentation – without that your business will simply fall prey to market forces.It does not matter if it is cheese, honey or high street suits – a focus on exactly who will be buying you products – and their habits is the key to success.