11 Types of the Most Expensive Vegetables in the World, What are the Health Benefits?

What kind of vegetables is the most expensive in Indonesia? Come on, look at the unique facts about the most expensive vegetables, how they taste, and what their nutritional content is in this discussion!

The Most Expensive Types of Vegetables in the World

Have you ever thought that there is spinach worth millions of rupiah? Or potatoes are priced at hundreds of US dollars per kilo. The following are the 11 most expensive vegetables from around the world:

Hop Shoots

Hop Shoots are also known as asparagus hops. This vegetable is very expensive, a kilo costs around € 1,000 or the equivalent of IDR 16.000.000. This fantastic price is due to the difficulty of cultivating asparagus hops. In addition, this world’s most expensive vegetable can only grow at an altitude of 200-1900 meters above sea level. At a temperature of 10-15 degrees Celsius. The harvesting process is also very difficult because farmers have to be really careful when looking for the shoots.

La Bonnotte Potatoes

Local potatoes in Indonesia can be purchased for tens of thousands of rupiah only. However, La Bonnotte potatoes cost US$640 or around Rp 9.200.000 per kilo. These potatoes become very expensive because the amount of yield is very limited. In one year, only 100 tons of La Bonnotte potatoes can be produced. This typical French potato taste is also very distinctive and delicious. As a result of intensive farming and careful manual fertilization.

This potato harvesting process can only be done for a maximum of seven days. Potatoes are also eaten with the skin because that’s where the secret of its deliciousness.

Wasabi Root

Wasabi also called Japanese chili, has a distinctive pungent spicy taste. Especially the wasabi root, the taste is very unique and fresh. Unlike the usual wasabi. Wasabi root is also only grown on a few farms in northern Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, and New Zealand. The price is 146 US dollars per kilogram or around IDR 2.000.000.