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What kind of vegetables is the most expensive in Indonesia? Come on, look at the unique facts about the most expensive vegetables, how they taste, and what their nutritional content is in this discussion!

The Most Expensive Types of Vegetables in the World

Have you ever thought that there is spinach worth millions of rupiah? Or potatoes are priced at hundreds of US dollars per kilo. The following are the 11 most expensive vegetables from around the world:

Hop Shoots

Hop Shoots are also known as asparagus hops. This vegetable is very expensive, a kilo costs around € 1,000 or the equivalent of IDR 16.000.000. This fantastic price is due to the difficulty of cultivating asparagus hops. In addition, this world’s most expensive vegetable can only grow at an altitude of 200-1900 meters above sea level. At a temperature of 10-15 degrees Celsius. The harvesting process is also very difficult because farmers have to be really careful when looking for the shoots.

La Bonnotte Potatoes

Local potatoes in Indonesia can be purchased for tens of thousands of rupiah only. However, La Bonnotte potatoes cost US$640 or around Rp 9.200.000 per kilo. These potatoes become very expensive because the amount of yield is very limited. In one year, only 100 tons of La Bonnotte potatoes can be produced. This typical French potato taste is also very distinctive and delicious. As a result of intensive farming and careful manual fertilization.

This potato harvesting process can only be done for a maximum of seven days. Potatoes are also eaten with the skin because that’s where the secret of its deliciousness.

Wasabi Root

Wasabi also called Japanese chili, has a distinctive pungent spicy taste. Especially the wasabi root, the taste is very unique and fresh. Unlike the usual wasabi. Wasabi root is also only grown on a few farms in northern Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, and New Zealand. The price is 146 US dollars per kilogram or around IDR 2.000.000.

Pink Lettuce

Another name for pink lettuce is pink radicchio. In addition to its fresh, slightly bitter taste and crunchy texture, this vegetable also has a beautiful pink color. Per kilogram of these vegetables reaches US $ 20 or the equivalent of Rp 280.000.

Yamashita Spinach

If so far in Indonesia there are green spinach and red spinach, then in Japan, there is a special spinach. Its name is Yamashita spinach, taken from the farmer who developed it: Asafumi Yamashita. This spinach takes years to cultivate. The yield is also very limited and the care is very intensive.

The price for Yamashita spinach on the market is US$26 per kilogram or the equivalent of Rp 364.000.

Matsutake Mushroom

Still from Japan, this time from a type of spore plant, namely the Matsutake mushroom. The price of this most expensive vegetable is between 4,000 and 6,000 US dollars per kilogram. This value is equivalent to IDR 56.000.000 to IDR 94.000.000. Wow, almost the price of a city car!

Yartsa Gunbu

Yartsa Gunbu is a unique mushroom that only grows in Tibet. The price of this mushroom is US$2,000 or around IDR 28.800.000 per ounce. This fungus only grows on the bodies of ghost moth caterpillars that have died.

In addition, the Yartsa Gunbu can only breed at an altitude of 3,000-5,000 meters. For centuries, this expensive mushroom has been a symbol of male strength and sexuality. Because of its aphrodisiac properties, Yartsa Gunbu is often called the ‘Himalayan Viagra’.

Spanish Peas

At $350 per pound, Spanish peas are the next most expensive vegetable. Only grown in the village of Getaria, the Basque region, and Spain, this legume is a delicacy endemic. Spanish peas are a favorite food item for Michelin chefs. Developed by a farmer named Jaime Burgana on his farm adjacent to the Cantabrian Sea.

The location of the farm is what makes Spanish peas taste distinctive and delicious. With a blend of sweet, savory and slightly salty and contains a little water in the skin.

White Truffles

Apart from Yartsa Gunbu and Matsutake, there are white truffles, which are one of the most expensive vegetables. White truffles can fetch up to US$3,000 per kilogram or around Rp 41.000.000.

This mushroom can only be found in Italy and Croatia and lies buried about a foot underground. To dig it requires a special dog that has been trained. The quantity is very limited and the taste is very delicious, no wonder the price is also fantastic.

Mange Peas

Mange peas are white and flat in shape. It is only harvested when it is young and tastes very delicious. The price on the market is around IDR 32.000.000 per kilogram.

Alba Mushroom

Like the white truffle, the Alba mushroom can only be found in Italy. Precisely in the area of Alba. It tastes very delicious and is rich in protein and antioxidants. Alba mushrooms are not sold in any market. This mushroom is only sold by auction and the price can be equivalent to a luxury house. That is 3 billion rupiahs! It’s fantastic, isn’t it?

Thus the 11 most expensive vegetables in the world. What about the most expensive vegetables in Indonesia? It turns out that our country does not yet have vegetables at fantastic prices on the international market.

But various products from Indonesia are priced at high prices abroad. Call it spices, civet coffee, and kale!